Sporting Clays

BRGFA is home to an expansive sporting clay course. Everything sporting clays is run by Dale and Kelly Bourns. There is a separate website for sporting clays information and event registration, click the button to view that site. 

Coming event summary: 

Sept 10th - 5 stand & Gear Swap

Sept 11th - Alex Gyori Tribute Shoot

Oct 1st – Turkey Shoot

Oct 29th – Last shoot of the season

Moving forward, June 26th and July 3rd will be our last Sunday sporting clays.  Due to the lack of interest, we will be looking to move to a notification system that will advise shooters when Dale and I will be out to the range and opening up for shooters to come out.  If you wish to be on the list, please let us know by sending a message to:


Dale & Kelly

(BRGFA Sporting Clays)