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Rimfire Rendezvous

Membership has its benefits at BRGFA! On Sunday, May 28th, the first Rimfire Rendezvous event in a few years was held. Rimfire Rendezvous is a friendly & fun competitive rimfire rifle shoot for BRGFA members. There was no entry fee, but there were serious prizes! This year it was planned and hosted by BRGFA rifle range officer, Brent Steliga; Tina Steliga; and BRGFA Membership and Sponsorship Chair, Dawn Scarfe. Rimfire Rendezvous is meant to be challenging, but accessible for shooters of all skill levels and ages, and all were represented on Sunday! Thank you shooters!


After the competition -- which included a variety of paper targets as well as a Saltine cracker challenge -- we enjoyed a delicious smokie lunch, and announced standings and awarded prizes. The top shooter of the day was Randy Draward -- congrats

BRGFA would like to thank everyone who donated prizes:

Scorpion Outdoors VERY generously donated their new Target Master Wildcat FFP 8-32x56 rifle scope (valued at almost $700)! THANK YOU!

Many thanks also for prize donations to The Canadian Gun Guys for the awesome shirts, mugs, and stickers; BRGFA Sporting Clays who donated Cabela's gift cards; and BRGFA who chipped in boxes of rimfire cartridges.

Hopefully we'll see YOU out for the next Rimfire Rendezvous! Keep up with BRGFA news via the website, social media, and/or membership emails for announcements about future Rimfire Rendezvous events! 

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