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BRGFA features 3 member shooting areas -- a rifle range, a handgun range, and a member-use station for clay target shooting (shotgun). The ranges are available year-round and can be used within the prescribed hours.  (Currently 9am until 9pm/dark -- subject to change at any time. Range sometimes closed for special events.) All who wish to use the ranges must have a valid range-use card as part of their membership, and have it on their person when using the range(s). 

To apply for or renew your BRGFA membership please visit the Membership page.


This page is currently under construction. More information about the specs of each range and photos coming soon! 


All members and guests using the shooting facilities at BRGFA must adhere to all rules and regulations -- those specific to BRGFA, provincial, and federal. It is your responsibility to be knowledgeable about the current regs at any and all times. 

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