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Submitting your forms and payment in person at BRGFA meetings is preferred but not required. Instructions for completing the process online are below.

Please note -- BRGFA does not pro-rate membership fees. The membership year is January 1st through December 31st. 

Before we begin.... Some important notes about BRGFA membership and filling out the application:


Membership Benefits:

  • Liability insurance with CCFR

  • Membership Card (Brokenhead River Game and Fish Association)

  • Voting privileges (Single = 1 vote, Family = 2 votes.)

  • Events/activities for the year as scheduled by the club


All range use members are required to have completed the most recent orientation. Orientation status is noted on range use cards. Renewing members must have completed the 2022 orientation to maintain their range privileges. New members will receive information on how to set up an orientation with their membership confirmation. 

You are required to provide a current PAL number and expiry on your membership form.  As per the RCMP, all approved ranges need to keep a record of this info.  Please do not send a picture of your PAL card.


A signed copy of the Release of Liability must be submitted with your application. The photo release is optional but appreciated.  

The BRGFA membership year is from January 1st through December 31st. There is NO pro-rating. The range lock is changed every January 1st. 

The fees due are comprised of three parts: General range membership fee, optional range use fee, and mandatory CCFR membership. The CCFR provides liability insurance that protects both members and BRGFA. For more about CCFR and the insurance coverage please download this info sheet: CCFR INSURANCE HANDOUT. If you are already a CCFR member, you do not need to double payment. Simply provide proof of CCFR membership along with your other forms. ​Please make sure your CCFR membership will cover the entire calendar year for 2023 if you are a direct member. 

* Please note that the senior and student CCFR memberships only cover one person.  

Manitoba Wildlife Federation memberships can be processed with your BRGFA membership application if you choose. Joining/renewing with the MWF is no longer mandatory given the switch to CCFR for insurance coverage. 


All members who want to use the rifle range, handgun range, and/or member-use sporting clay station MUST pay the range fee and be able to show a stamped range use card whenever using the ranges. BRGFA is more than just a range; Range use fees are not a requirement for membership.  


For security reasons, BRGFA is no longer mailing gate keys. If you complete your membership application and payment online, instructions for how to pick up your gate key will come with your membership confirmation from the Membership Chair.  

If you have any questions about the forms, fees, or payment process, please send a message using the contact form and the membership chair will get back to you. 


STEP 1: Download the following three PDF forms by clicking the hotlinks: 




>>>  PHOTO RELEASE                

STEP 2: Fill out the forms. This can be done on your computer, or you can print them and fill them out by hand. Remember to save the forms with your added info if you filled them out digitally! 

STEP 3: Calculate the total payment to submit with your application. The information you'll need is on the membership form. There is also a handy flow chart at the bottom of this page. 

There are three parts to the fees -- base membership, range use (optional), and insurance (mandatory).

STEP 4: Submit your completed forms by emailing them to:

Alternatively, you can mail printed forms to: Brokenhead River Game & Fish Association; Attention: Membership Chair; Box 1404; Beausejour, MB, R0E 0C0.

Step 5: Submit your payment. 

An e-transfer is preferred. Send e-transfers to this email address ONLY:

(Note that this is a DIFFERENT address than the one you send your forms to.) 

Cheques can be mailed to the address above. Please make sure you indicate your name and that it is for membership fees! 

Step 6: Thank you! Please be patient while our Membership Chair processes your application and mails your membership card. All new members and any renewing members who did not complete the 2022 orientation will need to do so before they can use the range. Orientation information will follow your membership confirmation, as will instructions for getting your gate key. BRGFA IS NO LONGER MAILING KEYS.

*** If you would prefer to apply in-person or pay in cash, or have any questions about the forms or the process please use the contact form to reach the Membership Chair ***

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