Bill C-21 Letter Writing Campaign (2022)

This page is a work in progress. Below is a version of instructions for having your voice heard regarding Bill C-21. I will fill this in with more info about the bill and what this means for Canadian firearms owners in the coming days. In the mean time, please get those letters out! 

I have some more info and instructions for getting your voice heard on the matter, and voices REALLY matter! I'll just point out that it was brought up in a conversation among the board that if this legislation does go through (and it's seeming likely it will, unfortunately), that the more "loud and logical" voices we have out there saying that we're not OK with this, the easier it will be down the road to have this appealed and hopefully repealed. Whether you do it now, or later, please make sure that you're speaking up. 


Today the CCFR released an article titled, "Bury Their Desks In Letters!", which is a call for a letter-writing action. The instructions for how to participate are all there, and the instructions are simple. As the article points out, all you need is 5 sheets of paper, 5 envelopes, a pen, and about 15 minutes of your time. Here is a link to the article: I am inserting a reiteration of the CCFR directive below, and some tools to make it even easier to send these all-important letters. 

At the least, please send letters to: 
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Minister of Public Safety, Marco Mendicino

NDP Public Safety Critic, Alastair MacGregor

Bloq Public Safety Critic, Kristina Michaud

The MP who represents your district. (Not sure who that is? Check here:


Additionally, consider sending letters to all of the Liberal and NDP MPs from Manitoba: 
Niki Ashton

Daniel Blaikie

Hon. Jim Carr

Terry Duguid

Leah Gazan

Kevin Lamoureux

Hon. Dan Vandal


All the letters can be sent to the same address, you just need to insert the name of the MP to receive each letter, which makes this really easy. The address is: 



House of Commons

Ottawa, ON

K1A 0A6


Here's an even better part: Communicating with elected representatives does not require a stamp! Just take your envelopes to the post office or an outgoing mailbox. Please do remember to put your return address on the envelope. 


I hope this has been helpful, and if you were feeling overwhelmed by this before, maybe you're less now? It always feels like "just one letter" can't do much, but it really really does make a difference. Again, if it's not enough to keep this bill from going through now, continued pressure will help future efforts to put things right. We must keep on top of this issue, and make sure our elected representatives are aware of an accurate picture of what we need them to represent on our behalf in Parliament!